Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

"The show is set in the Space Era in the distant future. In pursuit of the rich natural resources in outer space, man on earth sets up a special organization called ZAP SPACY composed of space experts to explore the unknown planets.
Captain Hyuga who leads a crew of space experts aboard the spaceship Pendragon receives instructions to head to Planet Boris to look into the sudden disruption of communication with the headquarters. When they rush to the desolate planet, they are suddenly confronted with the giant and rampaging Monster Red King who seems determined to wipe out both the crew and the spaceship. In the nick of time, a mysterious young man called Rei shows up. Using a gadget called Battlenizer, Rei summons an equally gigantic monster called Gomora whom he manipulates to knock down Red King and save the day. Thus begins the Battle Royale of ""Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle"" Season I."


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